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Thursday Links: Anaheim Calling Boudreau Edition

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Well, ol' Brucey wasn't unemployed for long, was he?

Blues News

  • The Blues and Capitals are both loaded with great players that were/are underachieving. With the Blues going 8-1-2 since the change, they are the blueprint for the Caps and future coaching vacancies to follow. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Speaking of that hot streak, can the Blues keep it up? [P-D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • My OC friends will be happy to see this when they wake up: Carlyle out, Boudreau in. [NHL]
  • What's funny is that the Ducks actually won last night. [SF Chronicle]
  • The Bruins beat the Leafs to close out November with a 12-0-1 record. Fucking. WOW. [ESPN]
  • 27 year-old defenseman Derek Smith scored his first goal last night with Calgary. Here's some insight on his long trip to the NHL. [Montreal Gazette]
  • recaps the wacky month of November. Mustaches and all. [NHL]
  • Speaking of flavor savors, here are the month's best. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tonight, the Winnipeg Jets welcome the former Winnipeg Jets, the Phoenix Coyotes, for the first time. I feel for you, Shane Doan. [Globe and Mail]
  • Detroit welcomed back Steve Yzerman as the Lightning lost 4-2. [TBO]
  • The Wild continue to be the best team in the NHL with a win over the erratic Oilers. [TSN]
  • NHL team values are at an all-time high. [Forbes]
  • Maple Leaf Gardens is open once again, but only if you want to buy a banana and a Gatorade on your way to work. [CBC]

Other Stuff

Thursday Video


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