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Saturday Links: Winnie the Poo Edition

Brad MF'n Winchester is back in the building for the first time since he got traded away. Riddle me this, why does it have to be the Sharks?! That team just makes me sick to my stomach with nerves.

Blues News:

Hockey News:

  • Soooooooo, this a heart-wrenching article on the players and coaches in the Lokomotiv crash. Highly recommended reading. [Sports Net]
  • Heaven's to Betsy, the media is in charge of Toronto sports. Will they bring back Vince Carter? Rewrite history so the Leafs have won every Stanley Cup since 1967? Tell me there is an MLB team in Canada??? [National Post]
  • Ew, the Bay Area, no wonder the Sharks are ready for a road trip. [CSNBayArea]
  • On signing Kaberle, or as Sarah Connors would say, Haberle. "I should have known better," [Canes GM Jim] Rutherford said. [Canes Now]
  • Dennis Wideman was the bomb dot com on CD Rom last night. [Japers' Rink]

Other Stuff:

More Malt Liquor Videos:

I just don't even know.

You have to remember this was before special effects were really special.

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