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Sunday Links: Our Boat is JUST FINE! Thank you! Edition

It would help with the flow of the game if the Blues just played a man down the whole damn game. I also believe that the whole drink everytime there was a mention of the Thornton/Perron thing was a bad idea.

Blues News:

  • That Brian Elliott. He's making a name for himself out there. He's gonna be a star! [Puck Daddy]
  • That win felt good. People have got to stop getting injured, though. [Post Dispatch]
  • Bounce back, Rivs. [PJ Star]

Hockey News:

  • Hey there Wild! You're doing pretty well this year. [Star Tribune]
  • No hat trick for Wideman. It's still hilarious reading quotes from Head Coach Dale Hunter. [Washington Post]
  • Some realignment attendance thoughts from New York and New Jersey. [New Jersey]
  • Looking into the crystal ball at Brayden Schenns future - will he have one? [Bleacher Report]
  • Fighting in hockey and why it should go. [Time]
  • Hildy sezs that "[i]f you're into history of the sociological ways that hockey's evolved, you absolutely need to read this NYT piece." [NYT]


Thank you RealBadRobot for finding a video for this morning.

Off to the Baby Blues at the Baby Wild today. Big props to the Hawks fan who gave me his tickets. Thank you, kind sir.