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New York Rangers At Blues GDT

When I wrote my cover story and a Top 11 list for the paper tonight, I did not know that Sean Avery was going to be a healthy scratch tonight. So I might have made a few references about him. Like an entire list and some other jokes in the paper. Oops.

That Brian Elliott, what a story. He was disappointing and got traded for a couple of sticks of gum to Colorado where the fans there believed he was acquired to help the team tank games in order to have a better shot of winning the NHL Draft Lottery. He became a free agent. Presumably the Blues were the only team to offer him a contract -- at least a contract with NHL money because the deal he signed to play for St. Louis didn't guarantee he would play in St. Louis all year. His one-year deal is a two-way contract, meaning he gets on salary in St. Louis and lower salary in Peoria. And this guy is now leading all NHL goaltenders in save percentage, goals-against average and shutouts. He's started more games than Jaroslav Halak. Yet he's not the official starter. In fact Ken Hitchcock told reporters that Halak will start Saturday in Nashville and at home Sunday against Columbus. Hey, you're the giant head coach.

So other than Avery, are there any other Rangers players to dislike? It wasn't Jeff Woywitka's fault he was a throw-in as part of the Chris Pronger to Edmonton for Eric Brewer trade. Henrik Lundqvist is a very fashionable man, even more so than Avery, but that's not really enough to induce dislike.

These Eastern Conference games, where the Blues are I believe 6-0-1 are weird birds. I like seeing the other conference, but they almost feel like exhibition games. I have no feelings one way or the other about the Rangers. Now the Devils, they can fuck themselves in the nostril.

This is your game day thread. Comment like every joke will equal a present under your tree. Or menorah. Whatever.