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Blues At Colorado Avalanches GDT

His groin looks fine to me. Wait, that came out wrong.
His groin looks fine to me. Wait, that came out wrong.

So this game was overshadowed a bit this afternoon. The announcement that David Perron will return to the lineup Saturday night has taken any spotlight this game might have gotten because of last season's trade of Erik Johnson and Jay McClement to Colorado for Chris Stewart and Kevin Shattenkirk. A trade, the Blues totally won, right?

But that's all ancient history considering the news that Perron will be back after missing 97 games after a cheap shot from Joe Thornton last November. We'll have much more on that front for Saturday (in the paper and I'm sure here on this site).

Plus, any buildup of seeing the two ex-Blues is gone with Johnson sitting out with a hurt groin. Nate The Great said EJ's pussy was sore, but I couldn't find a link, so that's just an unconfirmed report. I hope since he got practice driving dangerous off-road vehicles that he owns a big ass snowmobile in Colorado.

It's Friday, that means the starting goaltender for the St. Louis Blues is....(spins giant wheel) Jaroslav Halak! Come on down Jaro, you're the next contestant on "Who's Going To Build A Brick Wall In Net For The Blues Tonight?" And no matter how well you play, it's already been said that Brian Elliott gets the start Saturday.

On Twitter, #perronamas was trending this afternoon on the Twitters. Celebrate/watch the game/whatever here. Comment like each joke will heal a French-speaking Canadian.