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Saturday Links: Whoa oh-oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh oh-oh Edition

Brian Elliott: A lot shorter than Ben Bishop.
Brian Elliott: A lot shorter than Ben Bishop.

I'm going to start calling Chris Stewart, "Bob" because he's doing that whole "baby steps" thing. I like the added prensence, and he is getting back to CGDS form.

Blues News:

  • Contest: Name the 8 Blues players who read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas in order.[Blues]
  • Beating the Coyotes. No Grievances there on Festivus.[Post Dispatch]
  • Andy Mac SKATES! So excited for this one. [Post Dispatch]
  • Power Play still sucks. I don't have a new article. I just watched last night's game. But go Penalty Kill!
  • Bleacher Report asks if Elliott is a Vezina candidate or not. Your thoughts? [BR]

Hockey News:

Forget the rest of the league. A lot of us still have shopping to do.

Other Stuff:


Stuck. In. My. Head.

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