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Sunday Links: Merry WJC Eve Edition

And now for my next trick, I will dance for you.
And now for my next trick, I will dance for you.

Or you know, Merry Christmas! I opened all of my gifts on Friday because I am insanely patient.

  • I stumbled upon this gem of an article about Brian Elliott. It's quite special. By the way, we're not calling him "Tank." [Mile High Hockey]
  • WJC schedule is on the NHL Network TV schedule website. It's a terribly put together TV listings page.[NHL Network]
  • Does anyone have a white Christmas? This weather may cause some trouble for the Winter Classic. I think the weather is telling the world that no one likes the Rangers and Flyers. [Boston Herald]
  • Since you're all going to be drunk, why not take inspiration from the top 10 hockey fights of the year? Record your efforts and put them on youtube, you know like that Alex Semin "versus" Marc Staal "battle royale" fan recreation video that's hilarious. [Puck Daddy]

What would the Holidays be without a festive BACON tree?

Consider this an open like thread to drunkenly declare your love for all of us. Also, it's a place to brag about the sweet, sweet, swag you got this year.