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Stars At Blues GDT: No Oshie, No Lehtonen, No Groin Jokes?

Well, then, I has a sad. I also has a sad because the game is on Versus. As much as we poke at the FSMW broadcast team, they're still our guys, and we're entitled to poke at them. It's all out of love, right? The Versus crew? Not so much. The only Blues player that they can probably identify by sight, T.J. Oshie, is out with a wrist injury. I'm not sure who's in the booth tonight, but get ready for lots of number-reading from the press box. Chances are good that since neither the Blues nor the Stars are in the Eastern Conference nor are they named the "Red Wings" or "Blackhawks," it's pretty much a sure fire thing that they won't know a damned thing about anyone on the teams.

The Stars have beaten the Blues five games in a row, but that was before Hitchcock. Now? Who knows. It's Jaroslav Halak versus Richard "Michele" Bachman. Let's do this.

Let's go Blues!