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Wednesday Links: Play 'Em Off, Keyboard Cherry Edition

Fuck Detroit. And Internet.

Blues News

  • Kris Russell went down and the Blues followed suit by allowing the Red Wings to come back and snatch a 3-2 victory. [Blues]
  • Russell out, Crombeen in. [P-D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores and storylines from last night. [SBN]
  • The NHL is reviewing a huge scrap last night between the Flyers and Lightning that saw Scott Hartnell and Ryan Malone get 10-minute misconducts. [TBO]
  • Also during that game, Wayne Simmonds beat the motherloving shit out of Eric Brewer. [Puck Daddy]
  • Crosby's injured, but fuck it... Penguins still got it goin'. [NHL]
  • A brief history of the Winter Classic to get you ready for Monday. Why is the game on a Monday again and not Sunday, the 1st? [SBN]
  • This guy is a pussy and doesn't want fighting in hockey anymore. [NPR]

Wednesday Video

It has gone viral, so if you haven't seen Don Cherry's Piano Desk, now's your chance.

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