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Saturday Links: Perronmas Edition

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On the first day of Perronmas, my true love gave to me - a pair of pretty white skates.

Blues News:

  • Perron is back! [USA Today]
  • The Steen holiday pack is a terrible snore - intentional because of his nose? [Blues]
  • Petro is better.[Post Dispatch]
  • There was a game last night. Don't even get me started on the shootout. [Post Dispatch]
  • There is a game tonight. I heard something about a traffic advisory, so be on the lookout for that, just in case. [Blues]
  • Oh, these guys again. [Second City Hockey]

Hockey News:

  • Between Perron being back, and my "other stuff" link, I have no idea what happened in any other hockey fans world except Brucey B. lost.[LA Times]

Other Stuff:

  • I spent a long time planning a road trip based on food from this here site.[TV Food Maps]


If my memory serves me correctly, this Halak save made last nights Sports Center Top 10. I don't really know what happened yesterday.