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Blackhawks are the Grinch who stole Perronmas: Beat Blues 5-2

S-A-TUR-D-A-Y bulletpoints!

  • Gotta hand it to the Blackhawks - they weathered the storm of an excited building a fired up Blues team and an early goal by the man of the evening and came back to win this game. As Brad Lee noted in our paper today, these Blackhawks aint quite the 2010 Blackhawks. They have like four or five good players left. Unfortunately for the Blues, like all four or five of them figured in the scoring. Whatever - these games are competitive and fun again and this season's slate are gonna be a lot of fun.
  • The Blackhawks fans came out in force again, but the ones that were seated next to me were sent by an evil, vengeful hockey god because they were the opposite of everything that I like about the Second City Hockey/Committed Indian boys and their readers. Although, I did get to take satisfaction in the fact that they never quite realized when their team scored until a couple seconds later. Big fans, indeed.
  • Enough of Blackhawks bullshit then. Brian Elliott gave proof that he is not some cyborg sent to save our goaltending. I'm sure he would, as the broadcasters like to say, like some of those back, but it was bound to happen at some point. Better to a good team than some crappy bunch of paint eaters and really shake everyone's confidence.
  • The Blues, like always since The Cock took over, played well when they possessed the puck. About halfway through the game they seemed to start doubting themselves and stopped making all of the quick, short passes they have been using to great success and fell back into the chip and chase mode, which the Hawks appreciated greatly. No idea why they changed up the game like that, but it's the Cock's job to get that righted again during the game when it happens.
  • Speaking of the Cock, I know he fixed the power play in one practice, but he might want to go ahead and spend one more on it. Penalty kill, too. Seriously, though, special teams are a the Blues' biggest problem right now.
  • Chris Stewart, nice goddamn shot. Now, what about that missed open net? By the way, thanks again to Vladimir Sobotka, who once again teamed up with a slumping teammate and got him on the board. That little gremlin is worth more than whatever he's being paid.
  • And finally, David Perron. How many times did he do something incredible with those quick, quick hands of his? The goal was a great way to come back to the league and a sign that the Blues might get a spark from his return, but his stickhandling was something I'd forgotten. It remains to be seen just what kind of long term boost he gives the team, but I'd say I'm feeling pretty positive about it. Loved the white skates, too. Somewhere, Andy Murray is shaking his head in anger and his fist at the TV.

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