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Friday Links: Czech, Please! Edition

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Being a hockey blog of sorts, is SLGT obligated to inundate you with all of the happenings of the Eastern Conference, right? Well, I missed THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR last night, but I did discover a Czech beer. I guess all this Jagr talk went to semi-good use.

Blues News:

Hockey News:

  • Team USA vs Team Canada Iconograph! Unfortunately, this iconograph didn't take into consideration BACON >>>>>>> Canadian Bacon. [Puck Daddy]
  • Catching up with Commodore. And the Wings. Ick. [Fox Sports]
  • The Flyers remember . . . Lindros. Finally overcoming their differences, Lindros will play for the Flyers Alumni game for the WC. [USA Today]
  • It makes me giddy that Carcillo will be in the lineup against Detroit. [ESPN]
  • Poor Weber. Concussions are a bitch. [The Sporting News]

Other stuff:


Continuing the amazingness of the human body. Today: the throat and the mouth.

P.S. It was Krušovice Cerne - a dark lager, but surprisingly light.

P.P.S. Moutain Time sucks.

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