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Top 11 Signs You Are A Red Wings Fan

The Detroit Red Wings are in St. Louis tonight. You know we have a special affinity for the Wings, and more importantly, their fans. So to all the people who wear red for tonight's game and wonder why Blues fans don't enjoy your company, here are some signs we know you like the Red Wings.

Top 11 Signs You're A Red Wings Fan

11. You think Chris Chelios' restaurant is a really fashionable place. To get shot.

10. On your unemployment form, where it says city you put, "Hockey Town."

9. You think the NHL was invented in 1995.

8. You think Gordie Howe is Steve Yzerman's dad.

7. You wear a Wings sweater to a game in St. Louis with the Canucks in town.

6. You don't read most hockey sites on the Internet because they're just jealous.

5. In the heat of the moment in bed, you yell out Lidstrom's name.

4. In your universe, Kris Draper and Kirk Maltby were good hockey players.

3. You don't even need a Stanley Cup Final series to burn part of Detroit to the ground.

2. Thanksgiving dinner was catered by Little Caesars.

1. You can't take a joke.

Have any to add? Any you don't like? Let us know down below.