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Red Menace At Blues GDT


If you're a Blues season ticket holder and you're reading this at home by the fire instead of making your way down to 14th Street and Brett Hull Way (it's almost like he's a part owner of the team already), I get it. You sold your tickets to someone willing to pay probably good money for them. And the person who bought them probably will wear red tonight. I don't like it, but I get it.

These games against teams like Chicago and Detroit are among the most expensive games all year. They call it the Platinum games, but it's more like half your mortgage payment games if you have four seats. The Blues were just like us, noticing the trend that the Hawks mean big business while tickets for Florida or Columbus are a hard sell when they're free. The team knows people will pay inflated prices for single game tickets. On the secondary market, you can make enough money off your seats to pay part of your bill, go toward playoff tickets (totally necessary this year) or even buy Christmas presents for your loved ones. I get it. Times are tough, man. I get it. But it still sucks.

When Chicago was closing out the Blues on St. Louis ice Saturday night, I joked on Twitter that the Hawks had enough fans in the building to do their postgame salute to the fans. It's funny because it's true. But I understand. You make the commitment to buying season tickets, you also buy the right to do with them what you please. And players, the front office, the media and fellow fans (especially cheap bastards who are watching at home and still complaining) can fuck off. Until they pay your season ticket bill, they can keep their opinions to themselves. But would it kill you to not sell to Chicago fans? Or at least use those tickets and sell versus Washington or Pittsburgh. It's getting out of hand.

Rumor has it that Brian Elliott starts tonight. I bet David Perron wants to score another goal. This is game two of the five-game home stand. Let's see where this takes us. This is your game day thread. Comment like each dick joke can be redeemed for free tickets to be used at a later day.