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Tuesday Links: Oh, You Know, More Realignment Stories Edition

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Hands above the waist, Stuart.
Hands above the waist, Stuart.

So, if there are four conference champions, what happens to the Campbell and Wales trophies? Are they strictly going to be HHOF exhibits now?

Blues News

  • The Blues look to avoid losing 3 straight tonight against Detroit. Remember: the game starts at 6:30 tonight. [Blues]
  • The NHL approved the 4 division (or conference... whatever) format and the Blues can only benefit from it. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Tell us what it is, Chaser. [Blues Video]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Realignment. A brave new world. Who's excited to see every team at least twice a season?! [NHL]
  • Who gets the biggest bump from the new system? [NHL]
  • Los Angeles couldn't be happier with the new conference system. [LA Times]
  • It wouldn't be without asking what Sidney Crosby thinks. [NHL]
  • As I mentioned yesterday, Minnesota really likes that it'll be seeing more of St. Louis. [SBN Minnesota]
  • Boston is all about it, especially since there's the aforementioned possibility of having two East Coast teams battling it out for the Cup. [NESN]
  • The Vancouver thinks that the Canucks have the most to gain from realignment. [The Province]
  • Detroit didn't get their promised move to the East, but under the new alignment, they will play more games in the Eastern time zone. In addition, Central teams can have their games start a bit earlier, like the Blues will do tonight. [DFP]
  • Derek Boogaard's death has another lead: a degenerative brain disease caused from many blows to the head. [DFP]
  • Scott Hartnell is putting the power-play on he back, doe. [PennLive]
  • Those crazy Panthers padded their Southeast Division lead with a wild win over Washington last night. [CBS Sports]
  • Speaking of wild, Minnesota is somethin' else right now. [National Post]
  • The Winter Classic ads are looking to be amazing this year. The first one, featuring a brief appearance by Will Arnett, is so great. [The Big Lead]

Other Stuff

  • St. Louis has always topped the U.S. ranks in being dangerous, but did you know the city is #3 in the entire world? And yet, I feel safer there than Los Angeles. [Urban Titan]
  • Annoying Twentysomething shitheads deserve jobs, too. [The Onion]
  • The Muppets are Commies. Couldn't stop laughing. [HuffPost]

Tuesday Video

Actual video from the NHL Board of Governor's meeting. Not safe for work or mind.

You're welcome.

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