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Anaheim Quackers At St. Louis Blues: Duck Season.

There's room for only one number 5 in this town, Mang.
There's room for only one number 5 in this town, Mang.

It's some random coincidence that the Anaheim Ducks are in town the same day that Albert Pujols signed a deal with the Angels that amounted to the GDP of several African nations. Maybe the Blues'll be fortunate and the Ducks'll all have stuffed themselves full of free angel food cake at Pujols5, and they'll be soooo slow on their feet that the Blues can dispatch them easily. Or, at the very least, maybe they'll keep playing like they have all season and the Blues'll have the same outcome.

Of course, Anaheim has a new coach behind the bench. Bruce Boudreau, whose last experience with duck was probably Peking, is showing some limited success so far with the team. They're still just two points ahead of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and are 2-6-2 in their last ten. Easy pickin's for Jaroslav Halak and the Blues? Don't get too cocky about a win, though I would like to see the Blues put the hurt on them. You know, just to make me feel better.

BTW, the Blues've sent Evgeny Grachev back to the Rivermen, so David Perron's return did have a casualty. Alas, poor Evgeny. We knew ye well.

Let's knucklepuck these schmucks.

Lets go Blues!