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Blues Game Tonight Still On Despite Snowpocalypse

If you have any doubt about the Blues game tonight as sleet continues to pelt the windows and several inches of snow are expected this afternoon, the decision to postpone doesn't rest in St. Louis. No, the final decision is with the league. In Toronto. And I would bet dollars to loonies, Krispy Kremes to Tim Horton's that the guys in suits in Ontario think we're pussies for wondering if a winter storm would affect tonight's game.

But the guys in Toronto have to realize, this is the Snowpocalypse. Or Snowmageddon if you subscribe to that terminology. Whatever, the new Ice Age is upon us and you should be huddled in an interior room of your home waiting for the all clear. Wait, that's for a tornado.

So gather up the sled dogs, put the chains on the Camaro, dust off your snow shoes and come on down for some hockey tonight. Guaranteed that if you don't have a ticket, the scalpers will have a few dozen for you at reasonable prices. If they don't die from exposure and get lost in the snow drifts first.

Of course, if you absolutely listen to local news, if you try to go outside or drive your car out of your driveway, you may die. Fair warning.

Wring your hands about the weather and get ready for some real winter entertainment tonight in this here post. And Let's Go Sleet! (I almost sounded like Lil' Jon just then.)