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Saturday Links: Déjà Vu Edition

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Last night's game was disappointing for sure, but let's move on to the next opponent and next game.

Wait, what? The Blues play the Wild tonight, again?  Argh. Here's hoping we get more than 1 point tonight.

Speaking of picking up only 1 point, does anyone else lose five years of her [or his] life every shootout? I know I do.

Blues News:

Hockey News:

  • Hockey Day is here again. [USATODAY]

  • Donut King sent in an article that shows Zenon Konopka in a different light. Instead of a goon, you have a business man in a suit and tie. [American Express OPEN Forum]

  • Interview with Foppa after his first NHL game since 2008. [NHL]
  • Great googly moogly, Penguins lose in a penalty filled laugher. [THN]

  • WOW. A WHL team scores 5 goals in less than 2 minutes. [Buzzing The Net]

  • Oh, sweet Jesus. Those overalls. Oh, sweet Jesus. [Puck Daddy]

  • Ew, pink. [Puck Daddy]

  • An article on how to interpret dull answers from NHL players. [DGB]

  • A look at the different atmospheres of college hockey rinks. [WSJ]

  • Dan Hamhuis is out indefinitely with a concussion. [Nucks Misconduct]

Other Stuff:

  • Let the chocolate experimentation begin! [yellow pages]
  • You can bet your sweet ass this is what I'm baking today. [culinary sherpas]
  • Yay, rugby! Get introduced to your new Olympic sport today on NBC. Be sure to check out the "Party Calendar." Any questions? Ask me. [USA Sevens]


Uiwwildthing2 submitted a QB trick shot video.

If this post lacks pizazz and enthusiasm, it's because I'm still distraught over the game last night.

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