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Blues at Wild. Your Positive GDT

Apparently I've been too negative over the last couple days about our Blues. (Apparently I'm also a pillar, but that's debatable.) In fact, my negativity has even brought out the site's chronic negative commenters. . . who are still pissed at me even though they seem to agree with my negative comments. Baffling. But whatever. For tonight's Game Day Thread I'm going to switcharoo on you and stay positive.

  • I'm positive that the Blues will play strong hockey in streaks tonight. How long those streaks are probably determine the outcome.
  • I'm positive that the Blues are facing a better goaltender than they did last night. If they figure out a tendency or a soft spot (like, oh, I don't know, going stick side on Theodore in the SO) then they'd best stick with it, because Niklas Backstrom is going to be tough to beat.
  • I'm positive that if the Blues win tonight they will find themselves in 12th place in the West for at least most of one day.
  • I'm positive that Jaroslav Halak is starting again tonight. I'm still in Halak's camp and I like this move. If the story with No. 41 is that he needs to learn how to handle the load of being a starter and what it's like to carry the weight of the team on your shoulders, then this is good training for him.
  • I'm positive that the game is on FSN Midwest and that it starts at 8. I'm positive that the fellas at Hockey Wilderness will tell you their side of this tale if you care to hear it.
  • I'm positive that Coach Oshie is present at the XCel Energy Center and is likely drinking some witless Wild fans under the table like it's his job. Which it kind of is.
  • I'm positive that no matter what I think of the Blues' chances this season I'll be watching this game intently, cheering unapologetically and hoping against hope that they can get something done tonight.

This is your GDT. Let's fucking wreck this place.