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Blues lose in Minnesota. Did you hear a thud?

Don't worry, Kelly, it's just a flesh wound.
Don't worry, Kelly, it's just a flesh wound.

There's been a lot of talk around here about positivity and negativity lately. As Bono would say, "Maybe, maybe too much talk." Frankly, I don't have it in me to do a big in-depth analysis of this game, so I'll just point out a few things that were/are running through my head.

  • Last year the Blues needed 95 points to get into the playoffs, which they failed to earn. I'm all for being positive and I'll still be watching and going to games, but don't kill me if I tell you I'm not terribly confident that the 57-point Blues will be able to pull down 39 of the remaining 56 points available to get to 95 and eek into the playoffs.
  • Oh, I love Twitter. First, my particular "brand" of "comedy" is really best suited to about 140 characters. Maybe fewer, actually. But where else can you get called out for being "retarded" when you make a crack about Brad Boyes showing up just in time for the last 30 seconds of the game. Sorry if I'm not impressed with him getting one shot on in over 19 minutes of ice time. And no, I was also not impressed by his second assist on the Blues' lone goal. That was all T.J. Oshie's doing and we all know it.
  • What else, what else. Oh yeah, Ty Conklin was great in relief of Jaroslav Halak. Hopefully that bumps up what the Blues will get for him at the trade deadline from a fourth round pick to a late third round pick.
  • Our friend Hildy made the comment that late-game pissiness by the Blues is a waste of time and effort. Win the goddamn game and leave the "we're sending a message" bullshit for the crappy teams that can't win important games. Say what now?


Blues play again on Monday and I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day by going to a Blues game and likely burning a ticket since I won't be able to get anyone to go with me. Until then, feel free to create a storm of the century here in the comments as the high pressure front of pessimism meets optimism. Watch out for tornados!