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Big Monday: Canucks at Blues- GDT

I could lie to you and say this is a big night.

I could tell you that this is a must-win game.

I could tell you that if the Blues want to keep the playoff hopes alive, they have to win tonight.

But I won't. The point is, many us of us—even the most optimistic around here—know that this season is doomed. The Blues have a 6.9 percent chance of making the playoffs and hey, anything can happen, but this team hasn't shown the ability to string win together since October.

Tonight Vancouver comes into town and they are really good. Roberto Luongo is 16-0-5 since January. That's pretty good.

Here's the skinny for tonight: The game won't be on TV, unless you have Center Ice. Center Ice is offering a free preview, so some of you may get lucky.

This is your GDT. Grab the radio, ignore your significant other and comment like nothing else matters. It sure as shit beats watching anything else on TV.