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Tuesday Links: Alex Pietrangelo is my own personal Jebus edition

Just as was predicted in yesterday's links, the Blues have put just enough hope in me to keep checking scoreboards and thinking the playoffs are still somehow within reach.

Oh, the life of an optimistic Blues fan.

Now how much are Petro jerseys going for on the eBays?

Blues News:

  • You see what happens when you're able to convert on the power play? Holy shit, those were some slick goals scored with the man advantage. A miscue by Luongo didn't hurt, either. [P-D]
  • Doug Armstrong gets my recently made up "No Shit Award" after stating that the Blues are in a tough spot if they want to make the playoffs. [P-D]
  • Petro gets 3rd star recognition after an absolutely stellar performance last night. Footage of the Luongo flub is found here as well. [Puck Daddy]

NHL News:

  • If Kris Versteeg has his way, he'll be raising the cup in Philly just like last year. After yesterday's trade, he'll push the Flyers towards another finals appearance. Burke and friends get a 1st and a 3rd for their troubles. [Puck Daddy] -- [Broad Street] -- [Pension Plan]
  • Signs your team is improving: The only thing the fan's are upset with is the re-branding and new looks of the jerseys. [Raw Charge]
  • Thank you, Peter Forsberg, for giving me some reason to use "emigrate" in the links before deciding to re-retire after only 35 minutes of ice time over 2 games. [Puck Daddy]
  • Clearly, the Avs didn't take the news well, as they got blown the fuck out of the rink by Iginla and the Flames. [Mile High Hockey]
  • A bit dated, but the stats are relevant: Despite all the hellabaloo surrounding headshots and "Rule 48" and what not, hitting is actually increasing in the NHL. Obviously, concussions are a hot button topic and rightfully so, considering even one can seriously fuck you up for years to come, but where will the line eventually be drawn with regards to physical play and player safety? Rules on contact with another player will be amended, altered, and re-worded for years to come. What say you, citizens of the internet? [TSN]
  • Standings watch: Because I'm a glutton for punishment and fuck you, that's why. St. Louis currently resides 7 points out of 8th. [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • A day late for Valentine's, but anything with chocolate, hearts, and bacon doesn't need a special day. All you need is this quality recipe. And probably some Pepto. [Epic Meal Time]
  • Even Hollywood has standards, man. These prequel ideas will never be coming to a theatre near you. [Cracked]
  • This description is accurate. That is all. [Daily What]


I love me some HomestarRunner. Since I forgot posting this yesterday, I'll make up for it now.


Never pass up a Carnie submission. The last person who did was never heard from again.

That and Louis CK is spectacular.

Hopefully the links killed enough of your time and productivity. It's what I'm here for.

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