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Wednesday Links: Sevens are wild Edition

And wild they were. Each honoree of the #7 extravaganza brought something dynamic to the table for the Blues, as fans latched on to Berenson in the beginning, before embracing Mullen, Unger, and Walt.

Hopefully the dude that makes us consider adding a 5th honoree (or maybe even retiring the number) is out there somewhere on the Blues radar,

Blues News:

  • On reaching the 500 game mark, all I get out of this interview with Jackman is that he only wishes he could've done it sooner and that he's focused on this team winning in the hear and not distant future. That's my kind of hockey player. [P-D]
  • Today's bright side is brought to you by the same song and dance we've heard since the rebuild began: With this influx of young talent, the Blues could be contenders down the road because of long range potential. [P-D]
  • I think this is the right move with regards to the number 7. No one person played well enough to retire it forever, but all four of these guys represented the Blues very well during their time wearing the digit. [P-D]

NHL News:

  • The dismantling continues in Ottawa: Chris Kelly to the Bruins for a 2nd round pick. [Silver Seven Sens] -- [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Big Buff now has himself a big paycheck in Atlanta. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Bourne Blog offers up some discussion on Ovechkin's conditioning as a possible explanation for his mere 56 points in 57 games this year. [Puck Daddy]
  • Neither Gallagher nor I should have to twist your arm on this one: The 1960 Men's Hockey Team has their own FB page. Simply "liking" the page gives you the chance to win a "Forgotten Miracle" DVD. [Facebook]
  • By now you ought to know, new Down Goes Brown is almost always linked. This brief history of hockey brawls had me busting a gut from laughing. It didn't help matters that I was in the library at the time. [DGB]
  • If Murray Baron is out there reading this: Murray, I love you and want to thank you for your service to the Blues. With that said, why OH WHY couldn't the Blues have just held on to Rod Brind'amour!?!? His number is set to be retired in Carolina. [TSN]
  • Standings wise, the Blues are 7 points back as the scores went about as well as they could for the men in the note. [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • Via Gallagher, the debate on head injuries isn't exclusive to hockey and football. MMA, with it's ever increasing popularity, has it's own batch of issues to deal with in terms of protecting its athletes with the hopes of ensuring safety. [Bloody Elbow]
  • Is it the best in the world? Is it the worst of the world? Whichever one it is, make your internet voice heard on CollegeHumor. [Best Thing] -- [Worst Thing]
  • Skynet, Jr is currently beating our best at Jeopardy. I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords and am happy to serve them. [Wired]
  • From UIWWildthing, it's a kitten done up like Pikachu. Now I want to go fire up my Game Boy and try and find Pokemon Yellow. [Dorkly]
  • My staunch anti-Detroit opinion is well known around here. However, my one soft spot for the city of Detroit (Robocop) has been discovered and I will now fight to pick up the streets while Robocop's statue keeps an eye on things in all its bronze glory. [Buzzfeed]


Thanks to Healthy Scratch for today's video!

More links tomorrow. Gametimelinks (at)