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Blues Tweetup Monday - A Chance To Drink With #StLBlues Twitter Champions

Now that's a beautiful bar sign, I do declare!
Now that's a beautiful bar sign, I do declare!

For the Blues, Monday's tilt with the Blackhawks is huge to their future standing in the playoff hunt.  How big is it, you ask?  For one, it's a pseudo-holiday (I say "pseudo" since I don't get paid to be off work on President's Day), so it's a special weekday afternoon start at 1pm.  Moreover, Blues fans and Blackhawks fans will be pouring into town to see the game.  I have it on good authority that at least one Bostonite - one that is smitten by the Church of #SobeSobe - is going to be in town for the game.

So what do we do?  Simple: a group of us Blues fans on Twitter have banded together to have a Tweetup at a local establishment before and after the game!  Details are available after the jump.


The gathering will be at Flannery's Irish Pub, off Washington, about five blocks north of the DrinkScotch Scottrade Savvis JohnnyJuJu Kiel Center.  Show up before the game to pre-game it with fellow Blues fans, then stroll on down to the game if you have a ticket.  After the Blues are done beating the SuckHawks (probably somewhere around 3:30 or 4pm), come back down to Flannery's and post-game it with those same Blues fans . . . and maybe more!

On a personal note, since as mentioned I don't get President's Day off work AND I don't plan on going to the game, I've taken a half-day from work and will arrive after the game.  So no pre-game for me.

As for a guest list, I have a good idea as to who will be there but nothing is totally confirmed.  Rest assured, though, that it will be a consortium of Blues bloggers, fans and the like.  It's sure to be raucous, but hell, I can't even guarantee THAT.  I know, I'm terrible at guaranteeing shit.

So come on by, have a couple brewskies, meet some fellow Blues fans and exchange Twitter handles.  And if you're feeling frisky enough, bring your smartphone and use it to disseminate awesome hashtags like #JaroWater (even if he's injured) or #FuckDetroit or #InglouriousBackes or, simply, #StLBlues.   And have ye a good ol' time.

Hope to see some of you there!