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Remember me when I'm still here: Changes coming to your Morning Links Team

Since I joined GT as the weekend link rat way back when, I've enjoyed the shit out of bringing you the good news, the bad news, and whatever this was.

However, as much as I love to embrace the Game Time philosophy of "Sleep When You're Dead," I have to keep some real life prorities ahead of this operation. It's nothing catastrophic or life altering, but with school starting to kick my ass more & more with each semester and people like Hartigan and Brad Flick positively kicking ass at links, I'm going to be switching roles with the Flickaaman, giving him the weekday spot while I take his old job of filling in when one of those two can't make it.

Like I said, I still enjoy hooking you folks up with news, laughs, and videos that make you wonder what I was thinking. Hell, I'll still be firing out some links on the odd occasion when Brad or Steph can't make it. When it comes down to it, though, staying up until 1:30AM everyday to make sure nothing interesting happened on the West Coast games tends to bite me in the ass when the alarm goes off at 6.

When I'm not filling in for the links, I'll be working on the occasional injury article over whatever the newest or most Blues-centric injury is, explaining typical rehab and recovery times in the simplest terms I can. Keep in mind, this'll be done with a bit of extrapolation on my part, since NHL clubs are very secretive on injury news.

Enjoy your new link rats, Game Time.

As for you, Brad and Stephanie, Joe and I will be watching. No pressure.