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Blues @ Anchor Bar GDT

So, all the players and coaches and general managers and team presidents and owners who defended Eric Brewer and said he was a great team captain, you think they're surprised the Blues got a former third round pick with limited puck skills and a third round pick this year? Oh wait, wrong thread.

Hope the Blues got a chance to go to the Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo wings. Can you believe they made the first batch of wings as a late night snack in the 1960s. What a tasty invention. Are the wings the best thing to ever come out of Buffalo? Patrick Kane might agree. Jim Kelly probably does.

Jaroslav Halak is on injured reserve. Ty Conklin gets the nod instead of towering Ben Bishop.

We're in hunker down mode here at Game Time. Home game Saturday, Monday afternoon and Tuesday means papers, papers, papers, people. This is all you get tonight. If you can take your eyes off the Brewer discussion.

This is your game day thread. Treat it like it just waived its no trade clause.