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Blues forge on in effort to miss playoffs AND wreck draft position: beat Sabres.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think "Sab-rah" when they read the name Sabres?

The Blues, minus their captain, got their second straight win tonight against a Sabrahs team that has been crazy dangerous lately. Not only did they look strong throughout, but they got excellent goaltending from Ty Conklin, who may or may not be available for trade and continued to exhibit dominance over the Eastern Conference.

Full disclosure: I missed most of this game due to junior high girls' basketball, but that game went to OT and my girl played some defense that can only be described as TENACIOUS, so Imma say I still came out ahead. And yes, for the record, in the Gallagher household, playing great defense gets you first choice when it comes time to fill your plate at dinner. And yes, my kids are probably tired of hearing their dad yell, "Battle!" over and over in every game they play.

But on to a few observations I have from the game:

  • Blues win! Now only seven points out of eighth. Figgety fuckety.
  • Darren Pang called David Backes' goal a "flutterer" and I don't know if I've ever disagreed with Panger more. You don't beat Ryan Miller glove side high on an unobstructed shot unless you've hammered a shot and that shot looked hammered to me.
  • T.J. Oshie scores his fourth goal and adds his 13th assist for 17 points in 24 games this year. If not for that broken ankle, that's a pace for 56 points in 82 games. That would be an improvement on his previous two seasons, but still well below what everyone expects from him. His complete game makes him more valuable than just his goals and assists, but doesn't 56 seem low for a full season for him?
  • Jaroslav Halak's injury is retroactive, so he can return (if he's healthy) before the trade deadline. Ty Conklin will likely get the Blues something in trade, especially if he keeps playing like he did tonight. That said, if the Blues Captain, enjoying a career year in many ways and who is, we've been told over and over, is widely respected throughout the league, can only garner a third round pick and a former third rounder who comes complete with tweety birds circling his noggin, well, maybe the Blues aren't gonna get shit for Conklin.
  • I am damn sick and tired of media guys shoehorning in comments about what a great captain Brewer was. Who gives a shit anymore? That conversation was old last summer and it was handled back then too. Enough already. Dude is gone now, just stop with your tweets about how he was the best. By the way, I've heard at leats two independent hearsay stories that were from different players that Brewer wasn't "everyone's captain" so spare me the fawning already.
  • Vladimir Sobotka gets the empty netter which is harder than it looks, by the way. Nice to see a hard worker get the gimme goal.

Blues have to fly home from Buffalo tonight and play the Ducks (who happen to be the eighth place team we're currently chasing) tomorrow. It'll be tough game and the boys will likely be fatigued. Can we get a hypnotist to let the guys wearing the Note that somehow Anaheim is an Eastern Conference team?