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Saturday Links: Trades, Trades, Trades! Look at all Those Trades! Edition

Not a verbatim Tobias Fünke quote, but close enough.

How long before the outline of my palm fades from my face?

Brewer, EJ, Silent Jay. Wow.

Okay ladies and gents. Grab coffee, grab a handle. These are your morning after links. I should really go ahead with opening that alcohol and coffee shop now.

Blues News:

  • Doug Armstrong defends his decision. In my opinion he doesn't say "Shattenkirk" nearly enough. [Blues Sound Bytes] 

  • JR with the Johnson's thoughts/texts on the trade. [Post Dispatch]

  • Wysh lays out the deal without the bias of being a fanatic for either the Blues or the Avs. However, he does put the focus on Johnson as being the headliner for the trade. Analysis? Time will tell. [Puck Daddy]

  • The readers at Mile High Hockey break down the trade as they see it. Can we just have one hell of a clusterfuck game thread with these guys on Tuesday? [Mile High Hockey]

  • Video looks at one new Blue, Chris Stewart, courtesy of our beloved PCS. The first, a hat trick. The second, a fight.[YouTube] [YouTube]

  • Chris Goddamn Stewart [Chris Goddamn Stewart]

  • The Denver Post blog is shocked by the trade and initially hated it. I find solace in the fact both sides are pissed about the trade - good pieces were acquired. [All Things Avs]

  • A shutout win over the Sabres. Niice. [Post Dispatch]

  • Holy ____, ____ Man! I almost forgot this happened. Brewer is gone. [Post Dispatch]

  • Last call is the worst time of day. Bar none. Bernie Miklasz says it's curtains for the Blues this season. I'm ignoring him. Completely. [Post Dispatch]

  • It's Duck season! Puck drop at 7. [Blues]
  • Quack, quack, quack, Mr. Ducksworth. [Anaheim Calling]

Hockey News:


"Robot Chicken" sums it up.


Keep discussing the craziness.

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