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Ducks @ St. Louis New Guys GDT

There will be a lot of attention paid to tonight's game against the Anaheim Ducks. Eyes on this game won't be focused on extending the Blues' winning streak (which would be nice anyway) or trying to figure out if they can make a real run at the playoffs. No, this game will be about the new guys and seeing if they miss the old guys.

We like the homegrown Blues players, but in the end, a successful career overshadows how a guy got to St. Louis, just ask Brett Hull, Al MacInnis or Keith Tkachuk. You commit to the Bluenote, you're one of us (did Eric Brewer commit?). So when Kevin Shattenkirk and Chris Stewart take the ice tonight as expected, they will be welcomed with open arms and loud voices. Welcome home, fellas.

I guess there is one other thing fans will be looking at: who the hell is next to pack his bags and give his goodbyes. This team isn't done. We can feel it. So can you. The roster was in a funk. It needed shaking up. This group of guys wasn't going to make the playoffs this year, maybe any year. We welcome change.

So you might not want to get too attached to a few guys out there tonight. Just a little advice. Ask all the people we riled up over Jay McClement to begin the season (so that whole McClement for Selke Trophy campaign might go back on the shelf...permanently -- them's the breaks, kid).

This is your game day thread. Comment or get traded to Tampa.