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Wednesday Links: Not slowed down by weather edition

Not slow nor sleet can stop the links.

Only a busted internet connection can do that.

Blues News:

  • I bite my fingernails and swear too much. The Blues blow leads and have shitty second periods. I'll fix my bad habits if you'll fix yours, Blues. Except for the one about swearing. Fuck that noise. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Weather wins last night. [Post-Dispatch]

NHL News:

  • Being a Toronto fan, you'd better believe Down Goes Brown has the inside scoop on every text message sent Phil Kessel's way during the All-Star draft. [DGB]
  • Amidst regime changes in Buffalo, Lindy Ruff turned down an extension. Certainly an interesting move and a bold statement from the guy who's still probably pissed at the NHL for the Brett Hull skate/crease debacle. [Die By The Blade]
  • The latest in potential suspension material from Jordan Staal has some crying foul while some believe Brandon Prust was crying wolf with some embellishment. [Puck Daddy] - [Blueshirt Banter] - [Pensburgh]
  • While there's still work to do, David Booth, who was a victim of a heavy hit from Mike Richards, sees improvement from the NHL on head shots. [TSN]
  • Another concussed player, Boston's Marc Savard, might be shut down for the season. [ESPN]
  • Bo knows hip recovery. In this case, he knows the road Ray Emery has to travel to recover is a tough one. [Vancouver Sun]
  • A couple places in the webosphere offer kudos to Andrew Brunette for reaching the 1,000 game plateau. [Puck Daddy] - [Hockey Wilderness]
  • The annual Kaberle trade speculation is here. Hot damn. [Toronto Sun]

Other Stuff:

  • This isn't the first Snowmageddon. At least that's what Wikipedia says. [Wikipedia]
  • Here's an image of Wilford Brimley riding a giant chicken. I'm as perplexed as you are. [Buzzfeed]
  • Three great things come together in one link: Han Solo, candy bars, and bacon. Never doubt the internet. [BooTurtle]


More fights today. Goalie fights for your viewing pleasure.

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