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Reminders For Blues Day Game Today

In case you haven't looked at the schedule, that number after the start time kind of looks like a seven, but it's actually a one. So if you show up at Drinkscotch Center at 6:45 tonight, you'll get a great fucking parking spot. 

This is your friendly reminder that your working lunch from 12:30 to about 3:30 is today. We have that important meeting to talk about the new TPS report cover sheets and stuff. Complicated. Offsite. Set your Outlook calendar reminder now. Don't be late. Parking at the restaurant we're going to is a bitch during week days. 

Anyway, couple of quick thoughts. It seems like every game day thread when the paper version of Game Time is mentioned, people don't know where to find it. Well this is your reminder for that too. You can buy the paper at:

The northeast corner of 14th and Clark, just outside the fence of the City Hall parking lot.

On 14th where the former Kiel Opera House and the stadium meet. If you're walking up from parking north of the arena, this is where you should stop by. Say hello to Amy.

The corner in front of the garage entrance has a person there every game. 

Inside the garage there's a vendor.

Or you could always e-mail Gallagher and say, "Hey man, hook me up with that shit on e-mail for just $2 an issue and FREE during the playoffs -- which are totally within reach!" Or something like that. His e-mail is literally at the bottom of every page of this website. Even a Hawks fan could find it.

Finally, we'll mention this in the GDT, but let's remember people, this is a workday thread, so potentially hundreds of people might stop by to check out the action. Lots of people popping in and out. Let's keep the moving images to a minimum because they make the site a bitch to load. Same with photos. I know it's part of the experience most nights, but this isn't most nights. If you're lucky enough to be watching the game on a Monday afternoon agains the Hawks, think of us poor schulbs at our desks having to experience the game through you. Help us. Please.

See you in the GDT in just a few hours.