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Monday Links: Patrick Kane is Poo Edition

If you watched any of the "Hockey Day in America" coverage yesterday, you saw NBC oggle over Patrick Kane and his American-ness. I don't care if he's American or not, I don't want to see that d-bag on TV. Let's beat the hell out of him and his team today, shall we?

Blues News

  • Afternoon hockey should be the only kind of hockey. Puck drops at 1 PM. [P-D Match-up Box]
  • Captain Shatnerkirk and his Big Stew made a strong first impression on Saturday night. [P-D]
  • The P-D didn't really preview today's game, but CBS has got our back on that front. [CBS]
  • Stew gon' give it to ya. [BND]
  • Remember, get drunk at Flannery's before today's game with your fellow Game Timers at the "Tweetup." [STLGT]
  • Don't post large images in today's GDT. Be fawkin' considerate, aight? [STLGT]

Hockey/NHL News

  • From the CHL: The Colorado Eagles' coach went all "Slap Shot" on the officials. No, he didn't go all Hanson and viciously beat them up. He went all Braden on them and stripped. [Puck Daddy]
  • Michigan Tech's goalie didn't have a fun Hockey Weekend in America. Denver scored a rink-length, shorthanded goal on him. [Puck Daddy]
  • Martin Brodeur is back in the line-up for the surging Devils who, for some strange fucking reason, have a shot at the playoffs now. []
  • A win from Pittsburgh yesterday would have been great, but the Hawks prevailed in the skills competition.  Who thinks that the Hawks will be really tired this afternoon with playing 2 games with travel in less than a day? [Chicago Tribune]
  • 54% of people polled want fighting to go away. How appropriate that I read this article in the Montreal Gazette. Pussies. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Yesterday's Heritage Classic, Canada's outdoor game, went off without a hitch, unless you're Montreal. This game was another where we needed help, but the Canadiens were D.O.A. yesterday. []

Other Stuff

  • Here's a web search engine that will find a website based on what mood you're in. Not recommended if you're having hot flashes. [Wild Mood Swings]
  • The magazine for men who can't make decisions. [Funny or Die]
  • This website is awesome. I've used it many times for finding the right underscoring track/song for a commercial. [Music to Use]

Monday Video

From Carnie comes some a dubstep remix featuring The Biebz. For those not in the know, he recently got shot and killed in an episode of CSI. I could watch this all day.

I'm covering for PCS for a while, so let's wish him well as he works his way to being a Poor College Graduate.

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