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Tuesday Links: "Back So Soon?" Edition

"WE LOST TEH GAYM SO DIS TRADE SUXXX," said the fair-weather jag-off in 119. We're 1-1 in the Chrisvin Stewenkirk era and now we get to test the short-term effects of the trade with Colorado coming to town tonight. How much you wanna bet that there's a "Thank You" video package tonight for Eeeej and Silent Jay?

Also, the "E.J.'s Juniors" section is still up in the top boxes due to sponsorship issues. I'm sure he'll  have a laugh at that tonight. I say we make it "B.J.'s Juniors" for obvious, funny reasons. Crombeeeeen.

Blues News

  • After energizing the fans so much with the trade and Saturday night's win to the point where I couldn't score free tickets to a matinee game, the old Blues returned during yesterday's second period against Chicago. [P-D]
  • Apparently, Captain Serious got serious, thus propelling Chicago to victory. []
  • Roman Polak got Turco'd yesterday. [YouTube]
  • It's time for that one feature on STLToday with Andy Strickland, so don't even click this link. (Everybody loves the trade, etc etc). [P-D]
  • Big Johnson is coming back tonight. Silent Jay is, too, but nobody cares enough for him to headline an article. Remember, "cult favorite." []
  • Matt Duchene will probably be in the line-up tonight for Colorado. [FOX]

Hockey News

  • Fuckface Eklund insists that Alexander Semin, who recently re-upped in Washington, is going to be traded. I'm trying to get him to believe one of my rumors. I suggest you do the same. [My Gatdamn Twitter]
  • Cue the Brass Bonanza: the Whalers and Bruins alumni played an outdoor game and it was awesome. Bring them back already, Bett Man. [Puck Daddy]
  • Nobody Loves Sheldon Souray. [Puck Daddy]
  • This trade was great for dicks who love rhyming headlines to go with their sports news. "PENS DEAL FOR NEAL." OH MAN, NICE ONE. []
  • Terrence M. Pegula, a former Buffalo season ticket holder, decided to up and buy the team. His reign starts today. [Buffalo News]
  • How many times have you read this headline in the past few years?: "Florida Panthers must start over." When is enough enough? [Miami Herald]
  • The Oilers' youth suuuure can score. [Montreal Gazette]

Other Stuff

  • I know this site looks fishy, but trust me, I use it to watch movies I don't want to pay for all the time. Just make sure your pop-up blocker is on. [Film FM]
  • Make clocks out of your old vinyl records. [Yanko Design]
  • He will never have a girlfriend! [Smosh]

Tuesday Video

Wrestling dominated the trending topics last night on Twitter, so I guess it's popular again. This video goes out to your prospect guru, Tomorrows Blues. Dawg, if you aren't familiar with "Botchamania" and its 150+ episodes, let me introduce you. Anything with Steve "Mongo" McMichael is great.

I'm going to California for a few weeks, making it even easier to do the links. See you in the Pacific timezone starting tomorrow. Hoobastank.

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