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Avs @ Blues GDT

<strong>Old Blues meet New Blues</strong>
Old Blues meet New Blues

Who would have thought during Snowpalooza that this game would be the homecoming for Jay McClement and Erik Johnson? I regularly look into a crystal ball and even I could not predict the anticipation surrounding tonight's make-up match-up against Colorado.

The Avs have been on a particularly shitty run this month falling to 14th in conference standings. They've not won in a long, long time. Actually, both teams are far removed from their winning counterparts last seen in October. Between injuries, trades, and performance issues, fan and players alike have become more than a little exasperated at the current product. Both teams responded recently by making drastic moves. And both teams are fighting to find their stride.

If that weren't the recipe for an intense game, check this out. Erik "The Edge?" Johnson has claimed that he will make Doug Armstrong RUE THE DAY Army decided to trade him. Chris Goddamn Stewart has made similar remarks towards Greg Sherman. Yikes.

Will the extra game for the new Blues be the edge they need? Who drops their gloves? Is this the start of a new rivalry? Who has the first last laugh? Will the name Shattenkirk still make me giggle? Find out all of this and more.

Bring your puppies, your kittehs, and your sirens. This is your game day thread.