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Erik Johnson Laughs Last

The Colorado Avalanche have beaten the following teams over the last 34 days: The St. Louis Blues. (end list)

I stole this from Twitter and the person known as Jibblescribbits but it's the most accurate thing you can say when the Blues fell behind 2-0 to the worst team in the NHL the last month and ended up losing 4-3 after being able to pull even at 2-2. Oh yeah, Erik Johnson broke that tie with an emphatic goal but did not get credit with the game winner thanks to a late St. Louis flurry.

Johnson had his quotes today go all over Twitter. He talked about himself in the third person saying that he wanted to make the Blues live to regret trading Erik Johnson. Erik Johnson approved this message.

When he scored in the third period, he yelled, he pumped the fist and when he went over for the high fives, he kind of stkated toward the Blues' bench first. Bet that wasn't on purpose. I would have don it too, Eeeej.

I'm not very good at these after action reports. I kind of get lost in the emotion of the thing. I had terrific tacos for dinner that we made our own selves and they were melty good. I thought I was going to taste them again at the end of the game. So instead of writing about what went well and wat didn't, I'll stick to what I think I'm kind of good at:

Top 11 Things Blues Players Said To Erik Johnson Tonight

11. Did Ryan Johnson get all the skill in the family?

10. I bet having no front teeth made you really popular in the Central West End the last few weeks.


8. I totally would have picked you first in the draft of biggest douche bags.

7. Good luck playing in one of the most fair weather cities in the NHL. Your inconsisent play will be hardly noticed.

6. Your lack of playoff experience really won't matter again this year.

5. Bet you don't score another goal until you play us again.

4. Who spells Erik with a K? Fruit Euros, that's who.  

3. We played better two years ago without you.

2. Your teeth make you look like one of those homeless people selling that crappy hockey paper outside the stadium.

1. The bearded gnome Mike Weaver plays more physical than you.