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Blues @ Canucks GDT

West Coast games mean one thing, super late start times. Annoying. But good news! The Blues have performed pretty well against the Canucks this season. Here's hoping some swagger from the Feb. 14 game will carry over to tonight's game. This whale's been beat to death, but the Blues need a win tonight/every game counts/Ty Conklin is a decent goalie.

The Blues' emotions should be calmer than they were for Tuesday's game. No facing old teammates. No looking for revenge. No playing with a vendetta. Shattenkirk and Stewart are starting to mesh with the other players - as we witnessed a couple days ago. We might see the start of something awesome, or utter failure. The Canucks are a good team who should give the Blues a good test.

Power Plays play an interesting role in the Canucks/Blues match up. Usually, the decent PP unit for the Canucks falters [going 1-11], but now Jay McClement is gone. And, most games, the Blues PP unit sucks, but Chris Stewart has scored THREE power play goals since Saturday. Things will be all topsy turvy tonight so I suggest the Blues not go to the box to avoid those annoying green things.

No Luongo tonight means Cory Schneider will be in goal. And I hear Ty Conklin might try to stay somewhere near the net for the Blues.

This is your game day thread. Grab a Four Loko - it's gonna be a long night, can't have you falling asleep out there.

Hartigan note: I'm blonde-ish. What did you expect? Technical difficulties happens to be my middle name.