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Road Music: 02/25 @ Edmonton Oilers

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No rest for the weary, as the Blues are back at it tonight. There's no time to dwell on (yet another) disappointing loss. And really, that's probably a good thing. To focus on any one of these games would distract from the task at hand. Not only that ... It just ain't healthy.

Stone Cold Crazy / Queen

The Enemy: The Oilers are one of the few teams below us in the standings. Not that it really means anything; we just lost to the other one on Tuesday (COL). In fact, the Oilers just beat the Avs 5-1 on Wednesday, and Edmonton will be looking to begin a streak of their own. They are led in scoring by 27-year-old Ales Hemsky, who has 13G/28A. The big story for this team is about the youngsters: Jordan Eberle (14G/19A) and Taylor Hall (21G/19A). The starter is old friend (no, I mean seriously old) Nikolai Khabibulin (3.33 GAA/ .890 SV%). Coach Tom Renney may stick with the hot hand, though, which would be Wednesday's winner Devan Dubnyk (2.78 / .910). This is certainly a beatable team, but if the Blues don't show up, there is definitely enough talent here to punish our boy(e)s.

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At least we get a little reprieve: tonight's contest begins at 8 PM St Louis time. Broadcasts are on the usual outlets, FSMW for the TV, and KMOX 1120AM for radio. The GDT should be along shortly beforehand - until then, this is your pregame warmup and skate around. Gather here, bitch and kvetch about last night, huddle together for warmth, and consider the Oiler's moves on social media:

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