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Friday Links: Consistently Inconsistent Edition


Blues News:

  • The loss is summarized for ultra concentrated "FUCK." [CBC]

  • David Perron is learning Spanish. Wait. WHAT?! That's so random. [Post Dispatch]
  • You go, Petro! Get you some more responsibilities. I have faith in you. [Blues]
  • Puck drop at 8 - aaaalll the way in Edmonton. [Post Dispatch]

  • Check 'em out. [The Copper & Blue]

Hockey News:

  • Average Joe just likes to mock sad goalies. [Sad Goalies]

  • Sean Avery responds to heckling in a very strange manner. [Puck Central]
  • That Dylan McIlrath has such a good head on his shoulders. I'm sure Sean Avery will help him find the perfect sunglasses. [Buzzing The Net]

  • I'll be honest, I just love these camouflage jerseys, but I dig camo in general. [Hockey Wilderness]

  • Wanna see a Bruins game? Me neither. But season ticket holders will have to pay more next year. [The Hockey News]

  • Marcel Goc needs surgery. Out for the season. Dear Injuries, You're getting ridiculous. Dear Mr. Goc, Your name is AWESOME. [On the Forecheck]

  • Ryan O'Byrne's face gets cut. I always forget skates are sharp. [Puck Daddy]

  • Habs fans approve this trade for Brent Sopel. Do you? [Habs Eyes On The Prize]
  • Alexei Kovalev in exchange for a conditional 7th rounder. Nicely done, Ray Shero. [PensBurgh]

  • Dan Ellis to Ducks. FakeDanEllis is beside himself with glee. [CBC]

Other Stuff:

  • Biznasty has new shirts for sale! And, boy, does he know how to sell shirts: "check out the new gear. U can buy a shirt with my face on it. You can wear it or throw darts at it. #Versatility" [SAUCEHOCKEY]

  • Oh dear Lord. A pea coat on a dog. But these puppies do look cute. [Paw Nation]

  • A collections of old photographs reinacted today. For example, take that picture of you that one Halloween [you know the one] many moons ago and recreate the entire picture, right down to the goofy grin! Warning: one uncovered boob. [Irina Werning]


Maybe James Monroe and Alex Steen are related? Thanks Tomorrow's Blues! I had no idea Animaniacs was that old of a show.

Same bat time, same bat channel.

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