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Blues @ Cal and Gary GDT

This is the first night of a home and home series with the Calgary Flames. The rematch is in St. Louis on Tuesday night which is kind of weird to have a night off with one of these things because it's not like they're taking the train or something. But whatever.

This is the last game for the Blues before the NHL trade deadline on Monday. The front office has tried to temper expectations for tomorrow saying that no one under contract for next year is being looked at as trade bait. Allegedly. If I was general manager Doug Armstrong, I wouldn't tell the truth either.

As we wind the season down, the thing I'm most excited about is Chris Stewart. Every time he scores, it's thrilling. And not just for this year.

Ben Bishop should get the start in net. I'm really surprised the Blues don't have any suitors for Ty Conklin and instead resorted to waivers for the veteran backup. He's in that little demand? Surprising.

Well, this is all I want you to ignore before jumping in tonight. This is your game day thread. Treat it like the 11 bottles of wine I helped polish off last night. Is it bad when the hosts of the dinner party call you the next morning to see if you're ok? I didn't think so either.