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Monday Links: He's Buffalo's Problem Now Edition

I was going to make the headline about how the Blues' 111-game streak of not being shut-out was snapped last night, but Brad Boyes finally got traded. Who cares about a streak that doesn't guarantee victory when the streakiest player of the last few years departs? John Kelly, that's who. Now, when the Blues score their first goal, he'll have nothing to say.

Blues News

  • The Blues out-shoot the Flames 15-5 and give up the GWG all in the 3rd period. Oh man, I'm so pissed off and frustrated, I could kill a... [P-D]
  • ...what was that? Brad Boyes got traded? Today ain't so bad after all. [Puck Daddy]
  • Look at all dose second-round picks. We gon' use 'em all, Dougie Arm? [P-D]
  • From Childhood Trauma, the fart-sniffers at UniWatch did a nostalgic piece on the Blues. A must see. [UniWatch]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Chris Phillips won't be wearing a new sweater by 2 PM CT today. He has signed an extension with Ottawa. [Puck Daddy]
  • What does a trade call sound like? Down Goes Brown explains. [Down Goes Brown]
  • True story, bro: the Western Conference playoff race is wild. [AP]
  • Truer story, bro: John Tortorella dislikes officials. [Times Herald-Record]
  • The BJs were blown away by incompetent officiating as well. [Puck Daddy]
  • "Hey, we're ESPN, you dicks. We just keep mentioning players day-in and day-out until they're traded. What's that? Brad Richards is still with Dallas? We need to write harder." [ESPN]
  • Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin, No. 1 and 2 overall at last year's draft, are still adjusting to the NHL. [NECN]
  • The Blackhawks re-upped Seabrook, making their defensive corps hella expensive. GM Stan Bowman doesn't give a fuck. []

Other Stuff

  • Mature people truths. [Funlol]
  • I have 101 bottles. What should I do? Oh, I know! Perform "Flight of the Bumblebee!" [Shortform]
  • I bought one of these at a novelty shop over the weekend to screw with my friend in the audio department. I highly recommend getting one. [Switched]

Monday Video

RealBadRobot brings you today's video, which features "Keith Tkachuk and Kyle Wellwood's best friend."

See you tomorrow for the game that we will win, which gets our hopes up, but then is followed by a deflating loss later on in the week. Or a trade. Who knows?

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