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Game Wrap Up Of Sorts: Blues win, Farva Number One.

Short and the long of it: Got too drunk at the game and after the game because we fucking won. And when I say WE I actually mean WE. Because whatever. Here are some bullet points and a video.

  • The Blues beat a team they should beat for once. Congratufuckinglations.
  • The Oilers? They are poo. Someday they might be good. Today is not someday.
  • The Blues were psyched when the Oilers passed on Marek Schwartz in the entry draft and took Devan Dubnyk instead, allowing them to grab him. Schwartz sucked and is way out of the NHL. Dubnyk still sucks and on his way out of the NHL.
  • I have a new phone. And it is awesome. It allows me to actually participate in Twitter and on Facebook. Go ahead and find me there now if you'd like. I swear I'll actually answer you back now. Also, my phone number can be found if you work hard enough at it. Funny texts can become your way to (semi) regional (semi) fame on this (semi) decent site.
  • Blah blah blah Erik Johnson and Alex Pietrangelo rule all.

Here's your totally 100% game-related video. This is my website. Try to stop my shenanigans.