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Monday Links: Stamkos might turn out to be a decent hockey player edition

Understatement headline of the year? Understatement headline of the year.

Dude's got skillz (with a z).

Links are lean today, but on a day with few hockey games and a big tackle football game, you had to be expecting it, right?

Blues News:

  • Blues lose, but at least there's a point in OT. Moral victories suck something awful. [Post-Dispatch]
  • The other side has their recap. [Raw Charge]

NHL News:

  • Leafs/Kessel drama? Some would have you believe it. Stay tuned to see if this develops into anything substantial. [Pension Plan Puppets] - [TSN]
  • Marc Savard, not coming to an arena near you. Incidentally, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm replicating this headline for Perron sometime real soon. [Puck Daddy]
  • Peter Forsberg, who isn't older than my Dad after looking it up, is making a return to the NHL. The economy's a bitch, apparently. [Puck Daddy]
  • Yes, it's a Caps/Pens recap, but I swear there's a reason. One, more controversy (maybe) over Matt Cooke. Two, Japers' Rink might've realized DJ King is nothing more than a neanderthal enforcer. Thanks for Della Rovere, Capitals. [Puck Daddy] - [Japers Rink]
  • Injury length determining suspension length? I should say yes just to stick it to Thornton, but I can't honestly abide by it. It has to be intent and execution of the hit as the sole factors determining. [TSN]
  • Apparently most hockey blogs and webpages were dead for the day. Must've been some other sporting event distracting them.

Other Stuff:

  • After 632 car commercials during the Super Bowl, you've got to be thinking about getting a new set of wheels. Once you do, here's some things that you need to do before anyone else does. [Buzzfeed]
  • With this news, MLB teams now have a new demographic to turn to for bullpen help. [Reuters]
  • Based on the stereotype, you also could've substituted "stickers," "rainbows," "shiny stuff," and "Bieber posters." I'll be here all week, folks. [Buzzfeed]


After Niktin scores his first NHL goal, there's no other video than this one.


Since Joe sent it in, I'll learn a lesson from MSM folks and put my Steelers fanhood aside as I post this bit of YouTube hilarity featuring (video game) Greg Jennings scoring a touchdown on a broken leg. Fuck you, Gumby!

That's all from me. Don't tell anyone you've got  a case of the Mondays. You'll get your ass kicked for saying something like that.

And since I haven't mentioned it already, how 'bout it for Ty Conklin yesterday? Damn fine effort in a losing game regardless of backup or starting status.

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