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Blues at Kitties GDT

I can't remember the last the Blues played the Panthers, so I guess tonight is kind of special.

The Blues are still in Florida golfing and enjoying the sun. Tonight the team takes on the Florida Panthers who are the definition of an irrelevant team. They have that third jersey stolen from the Blues, Tomas Vokoun and Mike Weaver. That's about all I know.

What I do know is that Jaroslav Halak might be back in net tonight. It has become chic to dump all over Jaro, but I don't buy that. He's had his tough times, but you also gotta look at his defense. The Blues have been banged up all year on the D and I wouldn't be surprised if anyone is 100 percent.

I'm in a hurry with this, I have a government meeting to go to in a few minutes, so this has to be brief. Here's really what you need to know: The Blues have to stop giving up three goals or more.

This is your Game Day Thread. Do what you do.