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Wednesday Links: D'Agostini Gets a Restaurant on The Hill Edition

Why hasn't that happened already?  His name is "D'Agostini."  You can't lose!

Blues News

  • The Blues beat a team that they are supposed to beat. The empty seats and Blues fans in attendance combined for a sell-out in Sunrise, FL. [P-D]
  • The Amazing O'Neill talks CoCo's new cage, Halak's return and Mike Weaver's importance on the penalty kill. I thought letting ol' Monkey Arms go was a dumb idea, but whatever. [P-D]
  • Jake Allen is good. Who knew? [The Examiner]

Hockey News
  • Dave Tallon, the GM of the Panthers, hopes to avoid a sell-off as the trade deadline looms. [P-D]
  • Matt Cooke? Hitting somebody illegally? Say it isn't so! This time, Cookie takes a run at the BeeJay's Fedor Tyutin (hehe, "tootin'"). [Puck Daddy]
  • I remember when I made a poll asking you guys if everybody from the Central would make the playoffs. With 3 Central teams in sequential spots near the bottom of the standings, that clearly will not happen. It could happen in the Pacific Division, though. Wait, what? []
  • From last night's Onion SportsDome on Comedy Central: The Blackhawks' U-Haul overturned on the highway. Four are dead and Patrick Kane was found to be the driver. Great shit here. [Onion SportsDome]
  • It sucks to be from Long Island. Their third-string goalie, Mikko Koskinen, was burned for 2 goals on 2 shots in a 5-3 loss to Toronto. [DFP]
  • Do you love NHL '94? Great. You should. Genesis ROM hacker, clockwise, has hacked NHL 11 into an NHL '94 ROM. Break out your emulators and download this modern classic, complete with all 30 teams, logos, jerseys and rosters. If you need help playing this thing, I can easily assist you. []
Other Stuff
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock! [Wikipedia]
  • Dude downs a pitcher of beer in 5 seconds. Get this guy to a Blues game.  [YouTube]
  • Photoshop continues to kick ass. [Buzzfeed]
  • Take out the friction in Grand Theft Auto IV and see what happens. CARMAGEDDON. []
Wednesday Video

Bringin' back "Suck It."

PCS is back tomorrow.  Welcome him back like a tube sock stuffed with tube socks.

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