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St. Louis For Sales @ Ducks GDT

This photo is less than five years old. Yet it feels so antiquated.
This photo is less than five years old. Yet it feels so antiquated.

In a season filled with distractions on and off the ice, I guess having about 90 percent of the team up for sale is just one more. Hope the guys on the ice can focus as they try to make the playoffs. Gallows humor, it's the best.

Before we release the hounds on this game in Anaheim, let's cover a few things we know.

- The Blues are not moving anywhere. Disregard any promise Dave Checketts is making about not selling to anyone who wants to move the team (Sorry, Mr. BlackBerry maker). If the league has propped up and blocked efforts to move Nashville, Phoenix, Atlanta and Florida, he sure as hell will keep St. Louis in place. Of this, we have no doubts. Maybe the team padding attendance by dumping rows of tickets to brokers for nothing to keep the sellout streak alive wasn't such a bad idea after all. No owner who steps in will be able to say there isn't fan interest in this market.

- The building, about 90 percent of the team and the Peoria Rivermen are for sale. If they get more than $150 million, I'll be shocked. The opera house next door is not part of the deal and is on course, Checketts says, to open in the fall.

- This move has been coming. This is not a surprise. Fans should not have hard feelings for Checketts or anyone on his leadership team. More on that in the morning along with a few guesses on future ownership and a few random thoughts, maybe even bulleted.

So there is a hockey game tonight. Blues at Ducks. Nice and early start time of 9 p.m. CDT. Between now and then, keep talking sale. It will be interesting how the TV broadcast handles the sale during the pregame show.

This is your game day thread, comment like you're bidding on the team.