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Thursday Links: My Kingdom For An Owner Edition

The Blues couldn't score more than 1 goal on Ray Fucking Emery last night. 

Ray. Emery.
The Blues couldn't score more than 1 goal on Ray Fucking Emery last night. Ray. Emery.

The Blues lost another game. Since that happens regularly, it's a mere prick compared to the Falcon Pawnch to the balls that was yesterday's ownership announcement.

Blues News

  • Our favorite blog talks about our favorite team being up for sale. [Puck Daddy]
  • Miklaszszszszszs' write-up. [P-D]
  • Hey, guy, let's see how Canada spins this situation. Oh, no "move 'em to Canada" talk? Just a comparison to the expensive-as-fuck Maple Leafs? Good. [Ottawa Citizen]
  • I guess there was a hockey game last night. It was so unimportant that the P-D didn't do a post-game write-up and just did a blurb. Let's read the rich-ass newspaper instead. [OCRegister]

NHL/Hockey News

  • A lot of teams are changing their look next season. See what uniforms are confirmed, what's rumored and what will be staying the same. [Icethetics]
  • The new concussion hammer has fallen because someone hit Steve Ott in the head. Wait, Steve Ott? The guy named after that flu? Can Heatley get a free pass for this one? [Puck Daddy]
  • If you're keeping score at home, that's two days in a row where I've expressed that a player not be suspended because they knocked a cheesedick right the fuck out. Yesterday, Brad Marchand hit R.J. Cumbucket and was asked to explain himself yesterday. [Boston Globe]
  • While players who hit dickhead players are getting suspended, the Zdeno Chara went unpunished for hitting Montreal's chill bro, Max Pacioretty. This Canadian student believes that the lack of punishment has set an ugly precedent. [The Gateway]
  • But Cal Clutterbuck thinks that the NHL is overreacting to the concussion issue. Everybody and their sister is chiming in on concussions. [Twin Cities]
  • It's not fighting's fault that people can't think good n stuf. Don't ban it, dummy. [Toronto Sun] [John Saunders Lays the Smackdown on the ESPN]
  • The Coyotes are one step closer to being sold. Hurry the fuck up, jeez. [ESPN]
  • March Madness Basketball is fucking stupid. Hockey is better. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff

  • Guaranteed to make you go cross-eyed. [J-Walk Blog]
  • South by Southwest is going on right now. Somebody made an IRL Super Mario movie without John Leguizamo. How dare you leave The Pest out of your movie, indie scum? [G4]
  • With Winter dying down, let's check out snow for one last time... in the form of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. [C&H Snow Art Gallery]

Thursday Video

Check out this idea.

Tomorrow is Friday. Saturday comes after Friday. Sunday comes afterward. Hartigan will be here for all the party and party and yeah. Make sure you pick which seat you want to take now because you won't want this weekend to end.

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