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Blues up late in LA: Your GDT

As I drove to a work appointment today, I looked at the car to my left and noticed that it was full of people wearing grean and they were all drinking beer.

It was 9:18 a.m.

So, color me shocked if many of you have managed to make it this late without falling over and passing out, Frank Gallagher-style and are here ready to watch the Blues play the Kings.

For those of you here, well, you all are among the most optimistic folks in all of Blues Nation, maybe moreso than even Bernie "Awkward High-Five" Federko, who last night even offered that if the Blues were to go something like 12-1 down the stretch might be able to make the playoffs. I love Bernie, but holy shit, man.

The Blues are playing out the string, but luckily for us, the roster is chock full of young guys who are happy to be in the NHL and career Rivermen who are happy not to be riding a bus and getting paid on the high end of their two-way contracts. That means we won't likely see the team completely give up and get blown out of these games, even if we won't be seeing something crazy like, I don't know, a 12-0 run to finish the season.

The Kings, on the other hand, are hotter than a two dollar pistol, home for their first game after a four-game road winning streak. They are currently fourth in the West and within striking distance of a top-three playoff slot. They might well be looking past the Blues in this situation, but they should not, as the Note have had their number all season. The Blues are 3-0-0 against LA, winning 6-4, 3-1 and 2-1 in the series.

Chris Stewart, he of nine goals and 12 points in 14 games as a Blue, has gone scoreless for three straight games. Kevin Shattenkirk is still looking for his first goal as a Blue.

I'm not saying, I'm just sayin'.

Skip the Tigers' first game of the tournament (here's how it goes: terrible shot selection, blown opportunities to take a big lead, terrible shot selection, desperate attempt to catch up late by heaving up threes, heartbreaking loss) and either try to sober up or just push on through with us. Game is on FSN, KMOX and right here in GDT form.

Let's do this.