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I am Alex Pietrangelo and I'm why Erik Johnson was traded. Blues win in LA.

Interesting night when viewed through the prism of 'what does this mean for next year'. The Blues win their 11th game in 17 tries on the back side of a back-to-back series. In the Game Time-ified words of Bernie Federko, "What the fuck kind of crazy goddamn stat is that?"

And as a guy who has to slap together a crapastic game day 'paper' for every home game, you're never going to get me to ask for more two-in-twos in the schedule. However, it is an interesting stat, even if it has confounded our main man Federko. (High five.)

So, who's up for bullet points? Sweet.

  • Yet another example tonight of why Cam Janssen's career is coming to a close in St. Louis and Ryan Reaves's career is just starting. Janssen is Billy Fucking Badass and is comprised of about 90% heart and 10% lack of judgement and he'll go with literally anyone out there for his team and his city, but he just doesn't bring the same game to the rink that Reaves does. Plus, while he's got hands only slightly harder than his head, Janssen hasn't knocked a guy into fucking Orange County like Reaves did to Big Red Dog Clifford tonight.
  • Quick, name one Blues player's wife's name? It was Kelly Backes, wasn't it? I swear to whomever I should swear to, if that's not because of us and our Kelly Backes For Sainthood campaign, then I'll have to admit that maybe Jay McClement isn't going to win the Selke this year.
  • Jonathan Quick went to shit pretty remarkably in this game, but he was great to start this game. People are going to say the Blues got lucky because he sucked, but remember that before Matt D'Agostini ripped his second goal from an improbable angle, the Blues had pounded the Kings like a methed-up porn star all night. Before that goal, the Blues had outshot the Kings 29-6 and had only a 1-0 lead. I don't think Quick fell apart, I think the Blues beat him down.
  • T.J. Oshie is getting lots of kudos for working so hard and playing so great, but I have to go contrarian on this one and say that I'm just not feeling his effort. Yes, he's around the puck, yes, he's a lot of action and motion and yes, he scored tonight (weak). That said, he's not playing like the impact player he has been in the past. He gets knocked off his skates far too often and when he gets his chances, he's certainly not getting the precision shots he once did. The weird chance he got on an almost-open net in the second that he missed followed by the missed backhander on the rebound are two chances he would have scored on in the past. Don't ask me what's up with him, but I can't be the only one; askl Coach Payne, who has him playing on the third line with scrubby assed Peoria players.
  • Ian Cole is a guy who I've said over and over is not quite ready for the NHL. He has looked out of place and has overplayed/misplayed pucks worse than the drunk guy on your rec league team this year. The last five games, however, he has proved me wrong. He had the well-publicized comment about looking at the last 20 games as a tryout and he has done more than just say it, he has stepped up his game. Maybe seeing Pietrangelo go from skittish NHL/AHL tweener to stud No. 1 defenseman helped and maybe having USNDTP buddy Kevin Shattenkirk on the team has helped, but he is calmer, stronger, smarter and just better in every aspect since his last call-up.
  • Chris Stewart is showing us why he has frustrated Colorado fans. He's now scoreless in four games and while he's still gpoing to the angry areas of the ice, he's just not getting the pucks and not getting the bounces he was right out of the gate when he came to St. Louis.
  • Alex Pietrangelo. Rather than gush about his overall play this year and his crazy lucky (luck is a skill borne of hard work and opportunity) goal tonight, I'm going to just leave you with this:


Blues get to go get Irish tonight because they don't play until Saturday up in San Jose. Until then, you can get your No. 27 jerseys at the Bluenote Authentics down at 14th & Brett Hull Way.