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Tuesday Links: Battle of the Ownership Issues Edition

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Look at this fuckin' celebration from two guys who don't play for us anymore.
Look at this fuckin' celebration from two guys who don't play for us anymore.

Phoenix and St. Louis play tonight in Glendale, where they will miraculously both be bought at the same time. Maybe. Probably not. No? Okay.

Blues News

  • Petro and CoCo are blue line bros. [P-D]
  • Preview for tonight's game. []

NHL/Hockey News

  • Matt Cooke says that "he needs to change." Do you think he would have said that if the team he is playing for wasn't so gung-ho about concussions? I think not, but whatever. Guy's a dick. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • The WHL has the NHL beat on the concussion front, though. So many kids. So many headshots. [Globe and Mail]
  • Alex Ovechkin will be sitting out a nationally televised game vs. Philadelphia to rest up for the playoffs. Smart move, as Washington's going to make the playoffs anyway. [CBS]
  • The Blackhawks like to say the word "luck." When I think of the Blackhawks, I say, "Fuck." [Chicago Tribune]
  • Canucks alternate captain Manny Malhotra will be out for the rest of the season and post-season with an eye injury. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Bruins rookie Brad Marchand will be returning from suspension soon and, golly gee, is he excited. [The Patriot Ledger]
  • The L.A. Kings will be promoting their black and silver third jerseys to primary status (home and away) and demoting their current black and purple to third. Their throwback, featured four times this season, will be shelved. [Icethetics]
  • The Big Ten is now seriously considering its own hockey conference now that Penn State's team will be varsity next season. I can only hope my alma mater, Nebraska, promotes its team (that I played for) and joins in on the action. They're building two new ice rinks in downtown Lincoln, so yeah... do it. [AP]
  • Craig Anderson has signed a 4-year deal with the Senators. This deal won't bite Ottawa in the ass, noooo... [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff

  • 7 MORE Inventions to add to the ones I showed you yesterday. Hand pillows for baby? Creepy. That fucking alarm clock? I need it. I suck at waking up. [Smashing Gadgets]
  • Kaleidoscope painter, motherfucker. Play in it. [Permadi]
  • These pictures are not shooped. [Pxleyes]

Tuesday Video


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