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Thursday Links: Coming Soon Edition

Brad Flick has the internet blues, so you've got me today.

For now, this'll be a placeholder for the links and will be edited and re-published with the, y'know, actual links.

Think of this as a "Making of" video. Or don't. Fuck you.

Blues News:

  • Blues managed to outshoot their foes on the recent road trip but still went a paltry 1-3 out west. The message here is: Win more faceoffs and be less shitty. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Blues and Oilers tonight at 7. Can you feel that? That's the feel of forced excitement for a game that affects nothing more than draft position. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Future post game reporter Cam Janssen works on his first opinion piece: NHL got it right with the Matt Cooke suspension. [Post-Dispatch] Side note: I have a buddy named Matt Cook. Couldn't be a nicer guy, so not all Matt Cook(e)'s are total douches.

NHL News:

  • Mark Recchi fans the flames of the Pacioretty incident with some completely craptacular comments about the injured Hab and the handling of it. [Puck Daddy]
  • ...the plot continues to thicken as the Bruins/Canadiens will faceoff tonight. These guys already don't like each other and Recchi's comments will only add to it. [Stanley Cup of Chowder] - [Four Habs Fans]
  • Down Goes Brown gets his hands on the Matt Cooke suspension. Sufficed to say, it's comedic gold, as is usually the case. [DGB]
  • Remember when the Blues lit up a soft Jonathan Quick not too long ago? Last night, the goaler proved that he has taken his first step into a larger world by keeping a puck out of the net with The Force. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jonas Hiller is back after dealing with vertigo. [TSN]
  • You should know these guys by now, but here's a "Who's who" of hated NHLers. [THN]

Other Stuff:

  • GTPD keeps us posted on the technological advances that will allow the South to "rise again."  [Posterous]
  • The GT crowd strikes me as more of a beer/whiskey crowd (throw some Jager in there, too, while you're at it), but if it's a martini you're wanting, give these a shot. [Ask Men]
  • There's a Pulp Fiction Action Figure collection. The internet never fails to amaze me. [Maxim Dalton Blogspot]


Fugaizi, thank you for sending in this video of...of...well, thanks for sending this in!



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